Market Leading Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce is the world’s leading digital commerce platform. Every year it powers over 260,000 sites and over £111 billion in sales.

Core capabilities

Magento arms you with the tools required to drive  business growth.

Content Management

Layered Navigation & Search

Inventory Management

Responsive Design Themes

Merchandising & Segmentation

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Promotion & Coupons

Detailed Reporting

Global Currency, Language & Tax Support

Modern Business User Tools

Integrated Shipping & Payment Options

Fast 2-Step Checkout

Magento Commerce vs the competition

More out-of-the-box features than any other eCommerce platform.

Compelling, cross-device experiences

Take advantage of powerful capabilities that allow you to put your best foot forward.

Multi-site stores

Fast and cost-effective deployment for new brand sites in new countries and languages.

Deliver shopping services that dazzle

Ship to/from stores, pick up from store, return to store – Magento delivers shopping services that delight customers and improve business efficiency.

Customers that convert

Take the initiative and convert more customers in more ways.

Grow your market reach

  • Global AWS network
  • Instantly access global shoppers
  • Engage customers via social media
  • Rapid site replication

Improve customer conversion

  • Streamlined 2-step checkout
  • PayPal In-Context checkout for faster repeat purchases

Quickly expand selling capabilities

  • Native B2B functionalities
  • Virtually limitless 3rd party integrations

First-class performance

Piece of mind that your commerce solution is running on the best possible technologies.


  • Magento-optimised and secured cloud infrastructure
  • Global CDN
  • Modernised code architecture


  • Cloud elasticity
  • Database scalability
  • Peak volume allowances


  • 99.99% SLA
  • Optional upgrades prevent inadvertent breakages
  • Continuous software-hardware evaluation

Smarter and faster operations

Magento Commerce is designed to help your business get more done, better and faster.

Enterprise Grade Analytics

  • Consolidate different data sources
  • Personalised dashboards that reflect KPI’s
  • Built into Magento Commerce 2

Empower Non-Technical Teams

  • Drag and drop content creation and management
  • Schedule and release content any time
  • Easy product-content integration

Enable Development Teams to Work Smarter

  • Magento handles hosting infrastructure
  • New architecture improves code quality, testing and dev time

Built for speed

Performance is core to the Magento Commerce DNA with faster response times in browsing and checkout.

Get to market faster

Project implementations on Magento move quick – most projects are completed in less than 6 months.


Gain a competitive edge with Magento Commerce

Delivers a complete commerce experience for your customers

Monitor how your business is performing easily

Helps you grow and manage your sales globally

Get in market faster and lower your costs

Scale to meet the needs of your business in real-time

Support different distribution from B2C to B2B

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