Why Magento Commerce?

Magento is the leading global B2C and B2B commerce platform. More top retailers and brands choose Magento than any other platform.

Meeting modern buyer expectations

The demands of online shoppers are growing. Magento is geared up to help you meet these challenges.


Mobile Only

Not mobile first. 50% + of web traffic comes from mobile phones.


Content Perfection

Remove purchase anxiety. 60% of buyers search for product & pricing information online.

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Fast & Frictionless

No tolerance for slow, clunky experiences. 84% + Expect a robust, engaging online experience.


Delivery “My Way”

Fast, free, transparent and customisable. 44% + Of retailers now offering store fulfillment options.

4 key factors to merchant success

Based on improvements in merchandising.


Be bold with your Brand


Embrace digital first


Build flexibility into business


Innovate and never stand still

The World’s most flexible eCommerce platform

Enjoy the support of a global ecosystem of merchants, partners, and developers – all there to help bring your commerce vision to life.

Capture new market opportunities

As the industry’s leading solution for B2B and B2C commerce, Magento allows you to serve multiple channels from one, efficient platform.

Mapping Magento’s capabilities to your needs

Magento provides a total solution that empowers your business teams, from Management to Marketing.

World-class technology partners

Tap into industry leading expertise with Magento’s best-of-breed technology partners.

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